Doritos Tapatio Flavored Tortilla Chips

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The Tapatio Doritos are the latest in a long list of cobranded snacks that capitalize on the hot sauce hysteria that sees the incorporation of the condiment in almost any packaged snack one can think of. The Tapatio Doritos are a playful mix of cheese and the spicy flavor of the hot sauce.

The extra spicy Tapatio Doritos have been described as having a vinegar-like tang, the flavor of red peppers and a cheesy element similar to that of the brand's classic Nacho Cheese variety.

Tapatio is a California-based hot sauce company whose founders hailed from Guadalajara. Given that Tapatio could be seen as a Sriracha competitor, it's likely a big win for Tapatio to have landed a partnership with Frito-Lay.

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